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When the [[DefaultValue]] internal method of O is called with hint Number, the following steps are taken:

When the [[DefaultValue]] internal method of O is called with no hint, then it behaves as if the hint were Number, unless O is a Date object ( see 15.9.6 ), in which case it behaves as if the hint were String.

The above specification of [[DefaultValue]] for native objects can return only primitive values. If a host object implements its own [[DefaultValue]] internal method, it must ensure that its [[DefaultValue]] internal method can return only primitive values.

In the following algorithm, the term “Reject” means “If Throw is true , then throw a TypeError exception, otherwise return false ”. The algorithm contains steps that test various fields of the Property Descriptor Desc for specific values. The fields that are tested in this manner need not actually exist in Desc . If a field is absent then its value is considered to be false .

When the [[DefineOwnProperty]] internal method of O is called with property name P , property descriptor Desc , and Boolean flag Throw , the following steps are taken:

However, if O is an Array object, it has a more elaborate [[DefineOwnProperty]] internal method defined in .

NOTE Step 10.b allows any field of Desc to be different from the corresponding field of current if current’s [[Configurable]] field is . This even permits changing the [[Value]] of a property whose [[Writable]] attribute is . This is allowed because a [[Configurable]] attribute would permit an equivalent sequence of calls where [[Writable]] is first set to , a new [[Value]] is set, and then [[Writable]] is set to .

The ECMAScript runtime system performs automatic type conversion as needed. To clarify the semantics of certain constructs it is useful to define a set of conversion abstract operations. These abstract operations are not a part of the language; they are defined here to aid the specification of the semantics of the language. The conversion abstract operations are polymorphic; that is, they can accept a value of any ECMAScript language type, but not of specification types.

The abstract operation ToPrimitive takes an input argument and an optional argument PreferredType . The abstract operation ToPrimitive converts its input argument to a non-Object type. If an object is capable of converting to more than one primitive type, it may use the optional hint PreferredType to favour that type. Conversion occurs according to Table 10:

The abstract operation ToBoolean converts its argument to a value of type Boolean according to Table 11:

The abstract operation ToNumber converts its argument to a value of type Number according to Table 12:

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